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South Tyneside Festival

Due to the ongoing uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic, the South Tyneside Festival, which includes the events below, will sadly not take place in 2021.

  • Summer Parade
  • Four Sunday Concerts featuring artists including Will Young, Ella Henderson, The South, Shalamar and The Fizz
  • Proms in the Park
  • Kids Fun-Fest
  • Brass Band Season at the Sandhaven Amphitheatre
  • Live Music at the Sandhaven Amphitheatre and in South Marine Park

In August 2021 we will be delivering a programme of community focused events across South Tyneside's local parks. For details see summer park events.

Thank you for all your ongoing support and we look forward to the South Tyneside Festival returning in full during 2022.

For more details on the South Tyneside Festival postponement please see below:

Why is the 2021 South Tyneside Festival being postponed?

While we would have loved to have gone ahead with our plans for this year's planned programme, there is simply too much uncertainty at this time over when social distancing restrictions will be lifted and the covid mitigation measures the Government may require in Step 4 of the roadmap out of lockdown, which is anticipated no earlier than 21 June.

We must also take into consideration the timescales we have to work with and the staggering amount of organisation and planning that goes on with our partners to stage such large-scale events.

As our events are open access for all, it would be very difficult for them to be delivered in a covid-secure way, not to mention the risk of attracting thousands more people to an already busy seafront over the summer.

Potential mitigation measures would also have major implications on the ability to stage the events in the way in which people have come to know and love while meeting expectations on standard and quality.

We know this will be a huge disappointment to all those involved. But we also know our supporters will understand that the safety of all our festival goers, artists, participants and staff are of paramount importance. We must continue to do all we can to protect people and support our communities to recover from coronavirus.

Will the same artists scheduled to perform at this year's Sunday Concerts perform in 2022 instead?

We are working closely with agents, artists and ticket agencies behind the scenes to reschedule as much as possible into 2022.

Wherever possible, the same artists will be rebooked for next year and we will announce details as soon as we are able to do so.

Why not wait until closer to the dates of the festival to make this announcement?

As part of the Government's roadmap out of lockdown large scale public events could potentially be staged as part of Stage 4 of this plan, with a suggested date of this happening on 21 June at the very earliest.

This is just too close to the start of the festival headline events of the Summer Parade and the Sunday Concerts.

With this timescale in mind and the ongoing uncertainty whether it would actually be possible to go ahead, and what Covid mitigation measures may be required to make that happen linked to amount of planning required to deliver the festival, we sadly felt it was right to announce the postponement of the South Tyneside Festival at this point in time.

This provides certainty for our hugely supportive partners, sponsors, site contractors and most of all our valued festival goers.     

Could you not postpone some of the events until later in the summer or limit capacity?

As with many major events across the country, the South Tyneside Festival will be postponed and will return in summer 2022.

As outlined previously, uncertainty over mitigation measures, timescales and the huge amount of planning involved are major considerations.

Any mitigation measures that could be potentially needed this summer, such as continued social distancing and testing, would be a huge change to the operation of these normally open-access events and ultimately to the experience of festival goers.

Public health concerns are paramount at this moment in time. A number of safety and operational issues have been taken into consideration, including capacity in and around the seafront venues and, even if capacity at the event site was limited, they could still potentially attract a significant audience many of whom may not have been fully vaccinated.

Other events are planning to go ahead in 2021, why not South Tyneside Festival?

Every event has its own individual set of circumstances to consider. In South Tyneside we have open, all access events. It isn't just the crowd at the venue we need to consider but also the wider footfall that any major event might attract to what we expect to be an already busy seafront this summer.

When do you expect to be able to announce re-scheduled dates for 2022?

We will announce details of next year's programme as soon as possible.

For updates please keep checking this page or follow us on our social media channels, South Tyneside Events on Facebook and S Tyneside Events on Twitter & Instagram.

I had already purchased a Priority Plus ticket for one of the Sunday Concerts, what should I do?

Wherever possible, the same artists scheduled to play the Sunday Concerts will be rebooked for next year and, in this case, already purchased tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled dates.

For those who would prefer a refund, further information on how to do this will be made available in due course, once the rescheduled line-up has been announced.

Can some of the smaller events that form part of the festival still not take place?

We have developed a programme of activities and events for the local community to enjoy this August. These events will take place at a number of locations across South Tyneside. Find out more at summer park events