There are healthy walks along the cliff tops where the wind and waves have carved their own captivating shapes and limestone sculptures, beside the banks of the Tyne and over scenic Cleadon Hills with the reward of dramatic town and sea views.

Or gently stroll along golden sands, grassy links or through parks, much modernized but still with their Victorian Splendour.

There is nothing quite like a change of scenery and feel rejuvenated by the refreshing breeze as you stroll along the promenade.

South Tyneside Heritage Trail

*The South Tyneside Heritage Trail passes through most of the colourful towns and villages which make up South Tyneside. Follow the trail through a variety of beautiful landscapes from rugged coastlines and farmland to reclaimed industrial sites and busy streets. Along the way is a series of interpretation panels which highlight the important aspects of the area's rich heritage and invite you to 'dig a little deeper' and find out more yourself.

The full route is 26 miles, but don't worry if that seems too far, the trail can easily be broken down into 6 smaller sections!

Bede's Way Walk

*Walk Bede's Way and follow in the footsteps of seventh century pilgrims.

The route has been devised to link the twin Anglo-Saxon monastery of St Peter's in Wearmouth, Sunderland and St Paul's in Jarrow.

The walk follows an enjoyable path through the Great North Forest covering twelve miles of rich landscape, delightful seascape, rolling hills and meandering streams.

Public transport connections are detailed along the route so you can stop off or join the route as you wish if you do not want to walk the full 12 miles in one go.

There are also many attractions to visit along the route, which will also break up the walk. These include; Bede's World (Jarrow) Barbour Factory Outlet (Jarrow) National Glass Centre (Sunderland) Monkwearmouth Station Museum (Sunderland) and the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.

The Leas

*The Leas walk passes through 300 acres of grassy open space. The Leas and the cliff tops have been managed by the National Trust since 1987.

The North coastal path links with the promenade and south pier. The south path forms a continuous cliff top route all the way to Seaburn in Sunderland.

River Don Walk

*The River Don Walk is a 6 mile walk that gives ramblers a chance to glimpse the nature and wildlife which exist along the River Bank.

The route passes through Primrose nature Reserve, Station Burn and Colliery Wood.

Why not call in at Bede's World and St Paul's Church Jarrow along the way?

Coastal Walk

*The Coastal Walk is 7 miles, from the river Tyne to Whitburn Bents. Take in the crashing waves, rugged rock cliffs and fresh sea air along one of the most attractive coastlines in the British Isles.

Highlights of the route include; Conversation Piece, The Leas, Marsden Rock and Souter Lighthouse. The route also connects with the Marsden Circular walk.

Marsden Circular

*The Marsden Circular walk is a fantastic 7 mile walk over Cleadon Hills and along the sea cliffs, passing by Windmill fields, Marsden Old Quarry and Souter Lighthouse.